Tours and Attractions in Denmark

Danish Speed Limit Laws

Most Highways


Some Highways

110 km/h

Main roads

80 km/h


50 km/h

Danish Car Rentals

Driving a car in Denmark

Denmark has strict drunk-driving laws where anything at or over .05 mg/ml will get you into trouble.

Like in most European countries seatbelts are required for everybody in Denmark.

Children 3-6 have to be in special seats and children under 3 in something even more restrictive.

Use dipped headlights when driving at all times, no matter what time of day.

Road signs use standard international symbols and you drive on the right.

Vehicles are not permitted to drive into former Eastern Europe and UK.

Additional Information

Radar traps are everywhere and it might be wise to observe the speed limits. On-the-spot fines can be enforced so carry cash if you do have a lead foot.

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